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Are you looking to buy Aicar Online There is little doubt that the 21st century is a century where we are seeing some of the most aggressive types of lifestyle diseases. Except for a handful of diseases, the medical industry has been able to find out a cure for a majority of the diseases. Yes, there are some genetically transmitted diseases, certain types of cancers, virus attacks leading to HIV and some types of neurological problems which still evade cure. But on the other side of the spectrum, it would be pertinent to mention that there are many lifestyle diseases which lead to different types of complications. Obesity and being overweight without any doubt are one of the most common problems as far as many of us are concerned. In this article, we will be looking at a substance called AICAR which according to many could be a miracle invention. It not only could play a big role in burning out unwanted fat but could also help a lot in building taught and strong muscles. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a closer lookat this product and find out what it offers.


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Best place to buy Aicar Online It is today classified as an important pharmacological research agent and is used mostly as an AMPK activator. AMPK is the full form of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase. Yes, we will find it too complicated. However, what we need to understand that it is an enzyme which helps to become the body’s regulating switch. It often performs the duties of a master switch. With the help of AICAR it is possible to increase the levels of AMPK activity in our body. This goes a long way in revitalizing and reactivating aging cells. It also is known to play a major role in promoting mitochondrial production and also inhibit and prevent the various damaging factors which become a part of an aging process. Hence there is no doubt that it could work in more ways than one and could be useful for a long list of requirements and purposes. It also could play a big role in optimizing and giving a push to cellular energy production, which otherwise may not be simply possible.

High Quality Aicar  Online History

Those who have used AICAR as volunteers or as customers have some interesting stories to share about the experiences which they have with them. They believe that this compound has some of the most impressive fat-loss properties. Additionally, it also would be pertinent to mention that it has the best of endurance-enhancing impact on animals. However, there are many men who also believe that it could play a positive role in improving endurance as far as various physical activities are concerned. It could, therefore, be helpful for bodybuilders, wrestlers, and even athletes who need to have very high endurance and staying power. Other supplements which will make you lose fat are Ostarine. Read the full review here. Many elite cyclists have used AICAR and according to them, it has contributed immensely as far as improving in increasing their endurance limits quite dramatically. There is no denying the fact that long distance, as well as short distance cycling, is perhaps one of the best tests of endurance. Hence if sportsmen belonging to this event have found this compound to be effective, there has to be some bit of truth in it.

How Can It Be Used?

It would be pertinent to mention that the product is readily available from various research chemical sites. Hence it is not very difficult to try it out if somebody is interested. In fact, it would not be out of place to mention here that many sports personalities including some famous one are trying it out and they seemingly have quite a few positive things to say about it. However, it may work best when combined with changes in weight and muscle buildup training. Some basic changes in diet patterns, methods and ways of eating might also be required to get the best results as far as this compound is concerned.

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It Is Still Early Days

However, one needs to tread with caution as far as the long-term viability and affordability of this compound are concerned. Many sportspersons including cyclists who are using it are reportedly spending tens of thousands of dollars when using the compound at the optimal dosage. Hence if the product needs to be used on a larger scale more studies needs to be done with regard to optimum dosage at an affordable cost and furthermore, the long-term safety of the product also needs to be studied closely. However, as of now, the findings are quite positive and there are reasons to believe that AICAR could be a compound worth watching from close quarters because of the various positive test results which are coming out. Such results are not only coming from the laboratory but also from sportspersons who are using them in their individual capacities.

How Does This Happen?

One needs to understand the mechanism of action as far as this product is concerned. As mentioned earlier the principal mechanism of action is because of activation of AMPK which is a form of activated protein kinase. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is produced with the help of mitochondria. This is basically a ready to use the source of energy and plays a big role as far as the biochemical processes are concerned. The best things about this process are that it does not make use of glucose, fatty acids or fats directly as energy sources. Therefore this could go a long way in ensuring that it could be the answer from burning out excess fat and secondly also preventing the buildup of fresh fat around the abdomen, belly, thighs and other areas.

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The process must first be metabolized in the mitochondria and only when this happens will it be possible to yield the right ATP. When we start using ATP for energy, we come across a first product which is known as ADP or adenosine diphosphate. Finally, when the cell is running short of an urgent source of energy, it could lead to the metabolism of AMP which also has the scientific expansion adenosine monophosphate. The best thing about Aicar is that it helps accumulation of AMP only when the cell is deprived of the required amount of energy. Therefore there is an automatic method by which the cell is able to find out its low energy state and once this has been found out it automatically activates the AMPK in response. Hence everything happens automatically and this perhaps is the best feature as far as the functionality of this product is concerned.

Aicar Helps To Reduce Weight Quite Scientifically

One of the biggest problems with obese people is that they do not know how to get rid of the stubborn fat which could have surrounded their abdomen, belly, thighs, shoulders, and arms. The visceral fat, in particular, is extremely difficult to remove and dependence on diet and exercise alone may not do the job. It is here that the role of Aicar becomes quite crucial and important. It helps to increase the conversion rate of fuel sources. Therefore the body has no other option but to draw fuel from accumulated fatty acids and convert them into ATP. In the process, it also is known to activate quite a few other systems in the cell. Hence there are reasons to believe that it works from multiple angles and offers a complete and total solution, to say the least.

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It would therefore not be wrong to assume that when Aicar is taken in the right dosage it could help activate the AMPK and could lead to activation of the cellular mechanism. This has been referred to as the master switch earlier in the article. This switch on and switch off takes place whenever there is a depletion in the energy source. This could happen because of intensive exercise or by going in for low-calorie intake. Therefore it is extremely suitable for athletes, sportspersons, cyclists, and also for ordinary people who are keen on reducing their weight not by exercise and diet alone but by intelligently managing the metabolism process.

It Could Act As Though Exercise Has Been Done

Another big reason as to why this compound holds out a lot of promise is because when given in the right dosages it could be effective in activating AMPK. This, in turn, would lead to the cell being in a state as though exercise has been performed. This would lead to low levels of energy and when this happens the cell looks for fat and energy from outside. Hence this could play a major and big role in ensuring that there is no an inch of extra fat at any given point in time.

Because of the fact that Aicar is hard to find and costly ( $100 for 1 gram!), we recommend either using Cardarine or SR9009. Both will dramatically boost your V02 Max, endurance & recovery, but they do not have side effects and are easier to buy online.


A Look At Dosages

Coming out with the right dosage without any doubt is the biggest challenge for such products and therefore Aicar also is no exception. However, based on research and based on the dosages being followed by many sportspersons it would be possible to come out with some rough idea about the same. Based on such studies the dosage for a 90-kilogram person would be around 500 mg per kg body weight. This should be done daily for 5 weeks. When this is done the endurance capacity has increased by 44%. However, this high dosage is the place where the problem is. There are many who simply cannot afford this high dosage which might be required for a person who is 90 kilograms or even lesser. This is the area where some more studies with regard to Aicar has to be made. The human equivalent would be 3.2 grams per day or this would translate into 64 vials or product which is commonly sold in the market. 50 mg vials as per the latest price could be around $1500 making it highly expensive. However, things are working in the right direction and efforts are being made to decrease the cost and also perhaps improve the efficacy of the product by reducing the dosage through efficient research and studies.

It Works On Lower Doses Of Obesity

The above dosage is for those who are looking at ways to build muscle mass and improve endurance for some demanding physical activities. On the other hand, if there are obese people trying to reduce their weight it might work on a lower dose. It could be pertinent to mention here that Aicar could help in reducing and burning fat even if it is taken at the rate of 1 gram per day.

How Should It Be Used

The best way to use Aicar would be to use it at a dosage of 500 mg per day for a period of four weeks and not more. It would be financially very difficult to complete the full dosage even with the help of 50 mg pre-prepared vials. You could perhaps look at the option of getting the powdered form of this compound which perhaps could be less expensive. This could be suitable for those who want to improve endurance and for fat loss this might be a foolish proposition.


There are some serious side effects which though rare must be addressed. There are many people who have complained about less blood flowing to the brain and heart valves. Unless this is addressed properly the cost versus benefit aspect of Aicar could be badly compromised. However, there is work going on to ensure that this problem is addressed adequately.


To conclude there are reasons to believe that while the product might be out of reach for those who are looking to lose fat, it could be a worthy compound for those who wish to increase endurance and performance. Low levels this drug at 10 to 50 mg may not provide the right results and this is an area where things need to be done if Aicar has to deliver results on the ground. The safety aspects should also be addressed adequately. But there are reasons to believe that things are still at an early stage and we can expect some great news as far as this product is concerned perhaps in the next four to five years. It has properties which are too obvious to ignore

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