D2PM (Diphenylprolinol) Pure Crystal Powder

D2PM (Diphenylprolinol) Pure Crystal Powder


buy D2PM onlineDiphenylprolinol
Diphenylprolinol, or–diphenyl-2-pyrrolidinyl-methanol, is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor which is used as a designer drug.
Molar mass: 253.34 g/mol
PubChem CID: 204386
Formula: C17H19NO


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D2PM is only allowed to be used and administered by professionals only for the purposes it is meant to perform. Consequently, ordinary people cannot just walk into a drug store and purchase this drug without a prove that they are professionals or they have authorization from professionals. This is attributed to the fact that the drug is strong and can cause negative effects if not used properly. Some people have even recommended banning of this drug citing that it may cause health problems if not used properly. This is attributed to that people who are not meant to use this drug and who do not have the necessary authorization usually use the drug with negative intentions of getting high and for recreational purposes just the same way how various hard drugs are used. In fact, being found with this drug without proper authority and not being a professional is illegal in some areas.


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People with other health conditions should not use this drug prior to consulting a professional doctor with the necessary skills. D2PM should not be over dosed since this does not only lead to various health conditions such as kidney failure, but it can also lead to death in extreme cases. This makes it paramount for anyone intending to use this drug to follow the strict prescription guidelines so as to avoid the negative effects. However, when used properly and for the right purposes, D2PM is an effective and helpful stimulant.

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