Jintropin (HGH) 50IU/100IU Kit

Jintropin (HGH) 50IU/100IU Kit


What is jintropin?
Jintropin is one of the most potent recombinant Human Growth Hormones on the market today. … It was first introduced in 1997 when it was the first somatropin brand produced in China. Jintropin stimulates linear cell growth and increases growth rate in children who lack adequate endogenous growth hormone.

Jintropin is a supplement containing human growth hormone that many athletes take in hopes of enhancing strength, agility and exercise performance. Other people take Jintropin believing it can turn back the clock and forestall the aging process. However, with clinical results mixed and many potential side effects as well .

Jintropin ® is the only 191AA hGH brand in China . Jintropin ® is the only officially approved hGH in China that are produced by its patented secretion technology to make it purely 191 amino acid hGH. Most of other Chinese brands, although claim to be 191 amino acid hGH, in fact are still containing small amount of 192 …

How many IU’s of HGH should you take a day?
Dosage. For bodybuilding, the recommended HGH dosage is at least 4 international units (IU). First timers are advised to use 4-6 IU of HGH per day, and then gradually increase the dosage depending on the body’s reaction to the steroid.


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Buy Jintropin Online from Chemicals Pharm Store.

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buy jintropin online

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The following product options are available:

  • 5 Ampules of 10 IU in each, in a set of 5 syringes and 5 ampoules with a solvent(bacteriostatic water). 50IU total in the box.
  • 10 Ampules of 10 IU in each, in a set of 10 syringes and 10 ampoules with a solvent. 100IU total in the box.
  • 5 Ampules of 4 IU in each, in a set of 5 syringes and 5 ampoules with a solvent. 20IU total in the box.
  • 10 Ampules of 4 IU in each, in a set of 10 syringes and 10 ampoules with a solvent. 40IU total in the box.

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Where can i buy Jintropin online? (Jintropin® rhGH) is the trade name for biosynthetic DNA-recombinant growth hormone, which is manufactured by the pharmacological company GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD, in Changchun province, China since 1998.
Jintropin certified in Russia, the official distributor is the company Eurofarm.


    Jintropin is available in vials filled with dry lyophilized somatotropin powder for injection.

    In one package Jintropin contains 5 vials of sublimated powder of somatropin, 5 ampules of water for injections(bacteriostatic water in the amount of 1 ml, 5 insulin syringes. Also there are packages of 10 and 20 ampoules.

    Jintropin is officially registered in Russia. Possession of registration: perpetual. Since 2016, the release of the drug in pharmacies is predominantly prescription.

    In Russia and Ukraine, “Jintropin” is officially supplied by the British company “Europharm” (europharm.com).

    Official sales have a significant advantage: you are guaranteed to get “Jintropin”, which was stored properly.

    From China the preparation is delivered in thermo-insulating containers with ice; In pharmacies it is stored in refrigerators.

    High Quality Jintropin  Online History .

  • Reconstitution

    According to the manufacturer, “Jintropin” is completely allowed to dilute with water for injections. Such a solution retains stability for about 48 hours when stored in a refrigerator.

    Reconstituted with bacteriostatic water  “Jintropin” will remain stable – also in the refrigerator – about 10 days. And after 2 weeks, the content of the active substance in such a solution will be about 7.5 IU instead of 10.

  • Method of administration

    Jintropin should be administered subcutaneously. It can be injected subcutaneously in the abdomen, arm or thigh. All three injection sites are equally suitable.

  • Identification of forgery

    The description of anti-counterfeit protection used by GenSci:

    Each original packaging of Jintropin has an anti-counterfeit non-holographic sticker. To open the box, this sticker should be broken. But before, it is necessary to wipe the silver strip on the sticker, under which there is a security code of twelve characters. Below the code is the inscription “check the authenticity on the site gensci-china.com”.

    Buy Jintropin Online to be used by body builders .

    On the sticker above the band with anti-counterfeit code there is a field of twelve cells with numbers from 1 to 12. Also on their background are the protective fibers embedded in the paper. By opening the page on the company’s website called “Jintropin ™ Anti-counterfeiting System” and entering the security code, a window with a black and white image of the sticker will open on the site, which you should compare to match the location of the protective fibers.


    If the anti-counterfeit sticker on the GenSci Pharmaceuticals website is fully consistent with what you have on the package, then by pressing the same button you will be able to verify the authenticity of Jintropin and see information about the importing country of the drug.


  • Conditions of storage of the drug Jintropin

    In the dark place at a temperature of 2-8 ° C (do not freeze).
    Keep out of the reach of children.

  • History of the creation of Jintropin

    Founding fathers of “Jintropin” two: the first – Dr. Li Jin (Lei Jin), a graduate of Beijing University, a long time probation in the US, the second – the Chinese state. Yes, yes, exactly: “Jintropin” was created within the framework of the state program for the development of the pharmacological industry; China needed its own high-quality synthetic growth hormone.

    At the very beginning of 1996, Gene Science Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (abbreviated to GenSci) was founded in China, 50% of which belonged to Li Jin, and 50% to the state. In September of the following year, the installation of equipment was completed, and three months later the company issued “the mountain” the first samples of drugs Jintropin and Scimax. By this time GenSci was considered the largest pharmacological company in China, producing synthetic growth hormone.

    At first, all the produced “Jintropin” was bought by the state. But the company developed, orders from private hospitals and pharmacies appeared, and the production potential of GenSci gradually began to exceed state needs. In 2002, “Jintropin” already owned two-thirds of the domestic market of synthetic growth hormone, it became the pharmacological brand “number 1” in China. And two years later, new capacities were put into operation, which allowed each year to produce up to 5 million bottles of various drugs. Finally, in 2005, the liquid form “Jintropin” (in the form of a syringe-pen) was released to the market.

  • Prohibition 2006-2011

    The production potential of GenSci gradually began to exceed the needs of the state. The company began to expand the market and Jintropin went on sale to pharmacological distributors in the country. Which slowly began to spread “Jintropin” around the world. The relatively low price and the highest quality of the drug quickly made it popular; Especially popular “Jintropin” has become in the US, where it was used not only by ordinary citizens, but also “stars” of show business, wishing to push the threshold of aging, to tone up the decrepit muscles or get rid of excess fat under the skin. By the way, Madonna is almost his irreproachable physical form is responsible for “Jintropin”. “Jintropin” with might and main applied and sportsmen; One of the most famous – baseball player Barry Bonds.

    And in early 2007, the whole world flew around the video footage, which was captured by Sylvester Stallone, trying to illegally bring his “Jintropin” into his country in the baggage on the day of the presentation of his film “Rocky Balboa” (“Rocky-6”) in Australia.

    In the end, the number of detained “Jintropin” in aviation and seaports, postal parcels exceeded all conceivable and unthinkable volumes. Doping scandals with the withdrawal of the figurants precisely “Jintropin” became the most frequent news in sports and around sports circles. The patience of the US authorities has burst, and in 2007 they accused Lee Jin, who had been the head of GenSci all these years, in organizing a network of suppliers engaged in the illegal export of Jintropin to the United States. At one time there was even the question of Lee Jin’s extradition to the United States.

    In these conditions, GenSci was forced to completely turn production – the state suspended the license for the release of “Jintropin” and withdrew the GMP certificate. And since the beginning of 2008 – in connection with the Olympic Games in Beijing – preparations of synthetic somatotropin were included in the list of especially controlled substances, which resulted in the termination of sales of these drugs in the pharmacy network. Please note: from the beginning of 2007 to the middle of 2010 GenSci did not produce “Jintropin” at all. That is, all the drugs that were at that time on the market were exceptionally fake.

    In 2011, the production of “Jintropin” resumed, but that lesson learned very well in GenSci. The procedure for the release of the drug was seriously toughened. Now, only official distributors can purchase it for their country, which must have a license for the official sale of “Jintropin”, that is, the drug must go through official registration and certification.

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