TMA-6 (trimethoxyamphetamine) Powder

TMA-6 (trimethoxyamphetamine) Powder


 MA-6, 2,4,6-trimethoxyamphetaminI noticed from earlier tests that TMA-6 has quite a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect, so for this reason I took but a small dose – 10 mg, whereas Shulgin recommends 25-50mg. This was a test of a new psychedelic (effects, physical tolerability) more so than it was a trip for the journey’s sake. Taste of the off-white powder was quite chemical.




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Are you looking to buy TMA Online I noticed from earlier tests that TMA-6 has quite a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect, so for this reason I took but a small dose – 10 mg, whereas Shulgin recommends 25-50mg. This was a test of a new psychedelic (effects, physical tolerability) more so than it was a trip for the journey’s sake.Taste of the off-white powder was quite chemical.

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Best place to purchase TMA Online In the first hour, it was just like I had taken a modest dose of speed. My insomniac brain fog cleared, I got considerably alert and active, and there was nothing in the way of psychedelic effects. In the first hour TMA-6 made clear that A stands for Amphetamine, this was no 2C! Afterwards, the stimulant effect became less and less pronounced, and more and more replaced by a psychedelic mindstate, which was more mental than visual as is the nature of low doses of psychedelics.I went to bed, this was a GOOD move. Lying in bed was very comfortable and I feel it helped the vasoconstriction and the sense of “what to do with my body?”.

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The mindstate was at that point a mixed bag of psychedelic/stimulant effects. I lay in my bed in a state that was reminiscent of daydreaming. I’d have thoughts and memories swarming and merging, there was an occasional closed eye visual – no patterning of any kind but instead symbolic representations, like in a faint dream.

I lay there tossing and turning and not minding it. Occasionally I got flushes of goosebumps all over as serotonin and amphetamines fought for supremacy. There was a feeling of constantly wanting to stretch and tense my muscles, as if just awoken from sleep. I’m glad this stimulant side effect, though not entirely annoying, went away with most of the stimulation.

At 3 hours after ingestion, the battle was fought. The stimulant effects went mostly to the background and the psychedelic effects to the foreground. I’d say it was 7:1 psychedelic/stimulant by then. The goosebumps ceased, the vasoconstriction remained. Pulse was faint because of the vasoconstriction, the beat however was steady and 70-80bpm.

The psychedelic state was very workable. It consisted of thoughts and memories, that daydream-like state remained. There was no threat to the ego, sense of mindrape or eerieness, at least at this dose.

Psychedelic strength of 10mg TMA-6 for me personally was in the order of 0.25-0.5 gram cubensis mushrooms (1.5-3mg psilocybin) but I think I’ve been lowballing it due to the benign nature of the effects. Pin it on that it was equivalent to half a gram of cubies for me.

6-7 hours after ingestion, the effects began to noticably decline, but they declined VERY steadily, taking about another 6-7 hours to land, so to speak.

At 11 hours in I still had quite a lot of memory. The effects of intoxication and stimulation were most persistent, the psychedelic component was first to go. At 11 hours I forced sleep by means of 2 shots of lemon brandy, and sleep came despite my stimulation.

The next day I was pleasantly surprised to notice that there was an afterglow. As to be expected with an psychedelic amphetamine with a primary effect of 16 hours, the second day was spent in a state of mild, rather pleasant residual stimulation. I wasnt impaired in thought, but still a wee bit off the ground which didnt hinder. If there was a pill which gave just this Day After effect, I’d like a bottle of em.

Timeline of this 10mg dose:

00:00h – dose
00:15h – effect comes up – pure stimulant
01:00h – psychedelia and intoxication blend into stimulation
03:00h – plateau is reached, effect predominantly psychedelic and intoxication
07:00h – decline of the effects begins, Psychedelic first to go
14:00h – estimated end of trip,begin benign aftereffects
30:00h – aftereffects decrease

I will definitely revisit this dose, but I might go for 15mg next time. For me, this 10mg dose definitely was enough for an interesting experience. Given my heart condition, I won’t push this too high as it has the most prominent vasoconstriction of any true psychedelic I used. For me 10mg = 0.5gr cubies in psychedelic strength so the shulgin dose of 25-50mg problably would give fullblown psychedelic effects (1.25-2.5gr cubies) even tough the stimulant effect and intoxication would probably be dazzling at those doses. Given pronounced central vasoconstriction this one might hurt the nose even worse than many 2C’s would.

Effects are:

stimulation – first to come, last to go
psychedelic state – second to come, first to go
intoxication – last to come, second to go

I’m interested in further exploring this dose of 10mg, and perhaps taking it up to 15 or 20mg. There I would probably have to call it a day due to vasoconstriction. What appeals to me also is a lower dose, more specifically one of 2.5mg. At that dose, given a linear curve, TMA-6 might for me be a subtle stimulant with mind-opening properties – which could be interesting for forest hikes and such. At that dose it might be the mild “day after pill” I speculated about – amphetamine enough to bring a smile to ones face but psychedelic enough not to be a grinning, babbling idiot  Mild enough to not draw attention to itself, but to be merely a subtle catalyst that makes the mind flow smoother with a tang of zest to it.



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