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Buy 2C-B -Fly Online The psychedelic character of this chemical really only shines at high doses. However, at those  doses it’s highly visual, empathogenic, and tactile. Its also more stimulating than it’s non-FLY counterpart.

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Best place to Buy 2C-B -Fly Online At low doses, you shouldn’t expect much more than mild mood improvement/sociability, stimulation, and color enhancement. Basically no real headspace or visuals, which lets a lot of psychonauts down.

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Where can i buy Buy 2C-B -Fly Online I disagree. At 10mg, I find the experience quite psychadellic. The headspace feels more than psychadellic enough to call it a psychadellic. I would say it is at least 5 times more psychadellic than it is empathogenic. It is definitely stimulating. However, the visuals are not very apparent. I don’t get much if a mood lift or sociability either. I’m mostly tripping at this dose.

This is just where people’s opinions come to play though. What some call psychadellic others might call sober.

wherethewavebroke 3 points 

My experiments at the 10-15mg range yielded a , with maybe some alcohol-like inhibition and minor tactile sensations.

Meanwhile 30mg produced one of my most intense and memorable psychedelic experiences.

It seems that it’s relatively difficult to predict how someone will react to this chemical.

AbaddonsLocusts 1 point 

Even mid 30s it’s mild I can’t hink how much a most intense experience would be – I know some have taken it to 50 or so

wherethewavebroke 2 points 

What’s your usual psychedelic dose? Just curious, so I know how to compare. I’d consider like 30mg 4-ho-met to be average for me.

30mg of 2c-b-fly is supposedly equivalent in potency to 60mg of 2c-b.

The headspace is really never that fucky though. Even wavering on ego death my thought processes were relatively normal. I was losing grasp of self related concepts, but still able to function.

Its a weird one definitely. Perhaps not as deep as some would like, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to me.

AbaddonsLocusts 1 point 

Psychedelic means more or less expanding the mind beyond limits found when sober – what great revelations have you had either in some therapuetic sense or in some field of science or art that went beyond anything in your sober life? I am only kidding you = I mean it’s ok just to enjoy it but it’s not quite just opinion. For somethings that are trippy but not all that mind expanding I would say “psychedelic like” – I do agree it isn’t very social, mood lifting or visual even at doses in the mid 30s)

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