Gensci Jintropin – Human growth hormone


Gensci Jintropin – Human growth hormone Jintropin from Gensci is the most popular human growth
hormone( rHGH) sold in China. The IMS, which is a internationally recognized marketing firm, states that Jintropin is the absolute hgh market leader in the whole wide China and that it has a market share of over 75% .

Jintropin uses a secretion technology which produces a 191 amino acid sequence growth hormone, with much less E.coli protein contamination and no side effects associated with injection, such as red painful welts. The human growth hormone producted with this technology has the advantage of being very stable. it remains stable at 37C ( 98F degrees) for over 30 days ( 45C degrees for over a week) . While growth hormone with 192 amino acid sequence is stable at room temperature for only a few days.

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